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Services and Pricing

All service plans start with a free in-home consultation.  This is where we will discuss your specific dietary goals and preferences as well as how best you can benefit from having a personal chef.  


Speciality and restrictive diet are welcome.

Your personal chef service includes:

  • Fully customized menu planning

  • Complete grocery shopping for the freshest ingredients on the morning of your cook service

  • Safe and sanitary meal preparation in your home using my equipment

  • Packaging designed to maintain the quality and flavor of your meals

  • Clear and concise labels with heating instructions on every dish

  • A sparkling clean kitchen when you arrive home

All meals are created and packaged to easily transfer from your refrigerator or freezer to your dinner table.  The cost of packaging is included in your service fee.

Additional entrees, sides or servings can be added as needed.

Food costs are charged separately, giving you complete freedom and flexibility as there are no added surcharges for premium ingredients or organic food.

Grilled Antipasti Canapes
Pumpkin Soup

All of the services that Mandala Meals provides are completely customizable.  If there is something that you are looking for that is not described here, let us know and we can work together to create the perfect plan for you!

Other services include:

  • Gift Certificates: A personal chef makes a great gift! Suitable fo new moms, aging parents, new home owners, friends/family managing medical challenges.

  • Vacation Meal Preparation: Let Chef Kellie help make your vacation meals stress free, healthy and delicious! Spend more of your time relaxing and less of your time in the kitchen. After a long day at the beach, all you need to do is heat and eat your pre-prepared healthy meals.

  • Small Dinner Parties: Chef Kellie can help take the effort out of entertaining!  Let Mandala Meals take care of the shopping, meal prep and service while you enjoy your guests and a great meal.

  • Meal Preparation for Older Adults: Have you grown tired of the daily grind of preparing your own food?  Are you concerned about your parents continuing to eat healthy and nutritious meals as they grow older? Chef Kellie can help you or your parents continue to get nutritious meals on the table when this task has become more than you can or want to handle.

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