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Chef Kellie Tikkun

Chef Kellie has loved cooking all of her life and has always looked for ways to incorporate her love of cooking into her daily or weekly activities.  


Whether it was throwing dinner parties as an excuse to try new recipes or cooking for large group gatherings and retreats, Kellie has always achieved a sense of creative peace in the kitchen.

Since 2011 she has served the needs of families and busy individuals in Central Pennsylvania by sharing her talent and her love of cooking with over 100 families. 

How does it work?

Chef Kellie will meet with you in advance of any meal preparation. She does an extensive food survey to determine your likes and dislikes, as well as your food and health goals. 


With a good idea of your goals and desires, Chef Kellie creates a customized menu. All you need to do is confirm the menu choices or ask for changes and you're set.


The frequency of service is dependent on your unique needs. 


On the morning of your service Chef Kellie shops for fresh ingredients. She arrives at your home with the groceries, her equipment and begins cooking. 


When you get home you will find a spotless kitchen, and a refrigerator full of your selected meals.

Potato Gratin
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A symbol representing the effort to reunify the self

Often, our desire for health and unity in our lives gets pushed to a back burner or off the stove completely!  Many of us spend a tremendous amount of energy, just trying to maintain balance in the midst of our very busy lives and the many demands that are made on our time each day.

Our goal at Mandala Meals is to make "to-do" list shorter (like meal planning and grocery shopping) and your list of delights longer (like spending time with your family and friends).  Our hope is that you have more time and energy to devote to the things that you really want to nourish in your life. Think about what that might be...your health, your family, your career, your favorite charity or all of these.

A personal chef service from Mandala Meals will provide you with a refrigerator full of healthy meals and a little more time and energy in your busy life.

Preparing Healthy Food
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